Introduction to Cemeteries and Crematoria ServicesBooking of Cremation ServiceAvailable Cremation Sessions LookupApplication for Allocation of NicheNotes on Cremation ServiceAvailable Niches LookupCoffin BurialNotes on Burial and Exhumation ServiceNotes on Import and Export of Human RemainsCharges for Cemeteries and Crematoria ServicesList of Licensed Undertaker of Burials PremisesRespect the Deceased - Protect the Environment
  1. Application for Cremation of Dead Bodies
  2. Application for Certificate of Cremation
  3. Application for Cremation of Exhumed Remains
  4. Application for Allocation of FEHD's Niches
  5. Application for Placing Additional Urns in FEHD's Niches
  6. Application for Removal of Cremated Ashes from FEHD's Niches
  7. Rules Governing Coffins Used in Cremation
  8. Points to Note for Video-recording / Photographing at Farewell Ceremonies of Public Crematoria
  9. Arrangement of Cremation Booking and Cremation Services under Inclement Weather Condition