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The applicant, who must be the original permittee of the niche, shall bring along the following documents and apply in person at the Cemeteries and Crematoria Office of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) in Hong Kong (Happy Valley) or Kowloon (Hung Hom). The procedures are as follows:

  1. produce the following documents:
    1. the original and copy of the Hong Kong Identity Card of the applicant;
    2. the original and a copy of the Hong Kong Identity Card or other documentary proof of Hong Kong resident's status of the deceased whose ashes will be deposited;
    3. the original and copy of the "Permit to Take Away Cremated Ashes" of the deceased whose ashes will be depositied (if the deceased was not cremated in Hong Kong, cremation documents issued by an overseas legal crematorium are required; "Permit to Take Away Cremated Ashes" and death certificate, if any, should be produced) [This is not applicable to those ashes still being kept in government crematoria.]; and
    4. the original and copy of the documentary proof of relationship between the deceased whose ashes will be deposited and the deceased whose ashes have already been deposited. If such proof is not available, the applicant shall take an oath at one of the above offices;
  2. complete an application form;
  3. submit the completed form with the above documents;
  4. after completing the procedures, the application will take about ten days to process;
  5. upon receipt of the approval letter, pay the fees at the designated shroff office or online by credit card or by Payment by Phone Service (PPS) via the "Online Payment System for Cemeteries and Crematoria Services" on FEHD website on or before the deadline stated in the letter;
  6. after payment, arrange for deposit of additional ashes at the office of the columbarium with the mason.


  1. if the original permittee niche owner cannot complete the procedures in respect of the niche in person, he may instruct a lawyer or authorize in writing a relative or friend to act on his behalf;
  2. if the original permittee is ill or mobility-handicapped, he may authorize a relative in writing (with medical certificates) to complete the application procedures at the above office;
  3. if the original permittee will soon leave Hong Kong, he and his trustee shall go to the above office to apply for authorization or transfer of ownership of the niche;
  4. if the original permittee does not reside permanently in Hong Kong, he may issue an authorization letter for his relative to complete all formalities in respect of the niche;
  5. the original permittee's signatures on all documents shall be valid only if they are identical with FEHD's record;
  6. the trustee or the authorized person shall take an oath at the above office to bear all legal liabilities pertaining to the niche;
  7. if the original permittee has lost contact with his relatives or friends, the latter shall provide evidence that the owner cannot be contacted and take an oath at the above office in order to apply for deposit additional ashes;
  8. If the original permittee has passed away, his descendants may, upon production of his death certificate or other documentary proof, apply under oath for succession of the niche and deposit of additional ashes at the above office;
  9. the original permittee, the trustee or the authorized person shall deposit additional ashes in the niche only after FEHD has issued the approving documents.
  10. Prior permission must be obtained from FEHD for removing the ashes deposited in the niche. In addition, the niche must be returned to FEHD if the ashes of the deceased person first deposited in that niche are removed. Fees paid are non-refundable.