Requests for information under the Code may be forwarded to the Access to Information Officer of the Department by the following channels -

  1. Submitting the request by standard application form, which can be downloaded from this website (download application form), or obtain in person at the Reception Counter on 44/F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong or at the District Offices of this Department. The completed application forms should be submitted to the Department by mail, by fax or in person to the following address -

    Access to Information Officer Chief Executive Officer (Administration)
    Telephone Enquiry Number 2867 5781
    Fax No. 2869 0169 / 2521 3379
    Address General Administration Section
    Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
    44/F., Queensway Government Offices
    66 Queensway, Hong Kong
    Download Acrobat 4.0
  2. Submitting the request in form of a letter to the above address.
  3. Downloading the electronic form (the e-Form) [下載電子表格], which should be filled-in and submitted to the Department electronically.

Photocopying Charges

The following photocopying charges (for black and white copies) may be levied in relation to your application:

Note: Photocopying made on both sides of a sheet is counted as two copies