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Niche Allocation 2021

Green Burial

New Garden of Remembrance opens at Wo Hop Shek

Monthly Niche Allocation Tsang Tsui Columbarium

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Burial Service

Cremation Service

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Disposal of Cremated Ashes

  1. Niches
  2. Scattering of Ashes
  3. Temporary Storage Service for Cremains
  4. Online Payment for Cemeteries and Crematoria Services (Only applicable to application for Temporary Storage Service for Cremains, Placing Additional Cremated Ashes of the Deceased in Public Niches and Mounting Commemorative Plaques at Gardens of Remembrance) 

Import and Export of Human Remains

List of Licensed Funeral Parlours, Undertakers of Burials and Registered Service Contractors


Ancestor worship is part of our traditional culture. It is the duty of the descendants to furbish and maintain the graves of their forebears. To show their respect and filial piety, the descendants should attend the burial or exhumation of the skeletal remains of their forebears to ensure that the process runs smoothly and no mistake is made.