Government maintains strict control over cremator emissions to avoid causing air pollution. Unsuitable coffins and / or the objects inside the coffin will affect the operation of cremators, which may result in air pollution.

In order to forestall environmental pollution, members of the public and the undertakers of burials are advised in selecting coffins to choose those with dimensions no larger than 710 mm in height / 760 mm in width / 1 980 mm in length. The external surface of the coffin should not be fitted with metal ornaments or plastic (e.g. Polyvinyl Chloride, that is PVC) attachments. No metal or plastic objects, or any other expensive funeral objects, should be put into the coffins.

To ensure that the crematoria of our department comply with the requirement on emission of air pollutants, we appeal for the cooperation of members of the public in closely observing the above rules on coffins used for cremation. Under "Restriction on Coffins" of the Cremation and Gardens of Remembrance Regulation (Cap. 132M), this department may, where warranted, remove all the ornaments (including metal or plastic attachments) on the external surface of the coffin before cremation. All the removed ornaments will be destroyed or otherwise disposed of.