Cemeteries and Crematoria
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  Service Item Charge
1. Adult cremation $1,220
2. Child cremation $650
3. Cremation of skeletal remains $90
4. Certificate of Cremation $140
5. Temporary storage of ashes after the first two months following cremation (each month) $80
6. Permit for placing each memorial plaque $90
7. Standard niche and permit to place a memorial plaque Niche : $2,800
Plaque: $90
8. Large niche and permit to place a memorial plaque Niche : $3,600
Plaque: $90
9. Adult burial $3,190
10. Child burial $2,605
11. Urn grave (burial of skeletal remains) $6,305
12. Certificate of Burial $140
13. Permit to Remove/Exhume Remains $120
14. Replacement of Permit to Remove/Exhume Remains $140
15. Official signature fee * $140

* The official signature fee of an application for changing remains exportation destination on an approved permit to remove/exhume remains or an application for placing additional set(s) of cremated ashes is $140 each.