Applicant can apply in person, or together with staff of the licensed undertaker (who shall bring along the business's chop), at the Cremation Booking Office of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) on 1/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices or 18/F, Wu Chung House, Wanchai (see remarks), and has to:

  1. complete an application form which must bear the business chop of the licensed undertaker;
  2. submit the completed form with the Cremation Order or Cremation Permit issued by the Department of Health;
  3. select the crematorium and cremation session;
  4. pay the fees and get the receipt.

Applicant can also book cremation sessions on the Department's webpage.


  1. To select the cremation session, the applicant may refer to the available sessions in the New Territories and urban areas as displayed on the computer screens at the above offices.
  2. Upon completion of the application, an official receipt and the cremator booking particulars will be given to the applicant for verification. Errors, if any, should be brought to the attention of FEHD staff for amendment before the applicant leaves the office. Otherwise, the application will be input into the computer and confirmed. No amendment can be made thereafter.
  3. If, after the application has been completed and the receipt issued, the applicant wishes to change the place, date or time of cremation, he has to complete an application form for cancellation of cremation booking. Fees paid will not be refunded. The applicant has to submit a fresh application for another booking and pay the relevant fees.
  4. Should there be special reasons for urgent cremation, application should be made with supporting documents (e.g. plane ticket of the next of kin leaving Hong Kong) for consideration at FEHD's discretion.
  5. After obtaining the "Certificate of Registration of Death" and the "Cremation Permit":
    1. If applicant authorize the staff of licensed undertaker' or other person on his behalf to handle all matters related to application for cremation, to book the cremation session or to collect the cremated ashes of the deceased, he/she should complete and sign on Section C and Section G of the application form. Also, the authorized person shall sign on Section C. Meanwhile, while submitting the application, the original copy of the Certificate of Registration of Death and the Cremation Permit of the deceased, the copy of Hong Kong identity Card/Passport of the deceased, the applicant and the authorized person, shall be produced for verification.
    2. If applicant is not the deceased's relative, applicant has to provide the information and contact method of trustee or deceased's relative in Section F of this form; or the deceased has no relatives in Hong Kong, the applicant should provide documentary proof. If applicant could not provide the required information, he/she should provide the reason(s), otherwise this application will not be approved.
    3. The applicant must ensure all the information contained in the application is true and correct. If false information is given or false declaration is made by the applicant, no permission will be given or such permission if given will be revoked. Also, the applicant may be liable to legal responsibility arising from the false information given or false declaration made.
  6. The above offices operate a chit system to facilitate the booking of cremation sessions by applicants. The applicant or authorized person must first produce the Cremation Order or Cremation Permit of the deceased for registration by FEHD staff, after which chits will be issued according to the number of supporting documents submitted by the applicant or authorized person. Not more than five chits will be issued to an applicant or authorized person each time. There is no upper limit on the number of chits issued each day. All applications are processed in order of the chits issued.
  7. FEHD has no authorized funeral agents or undertakers. Applicant should be careful in the selection.