List of Licensed Restaurants and Factory CanteensList of Licensed Food Premises (excluding Restaurants and Factory Canteens)List of Licensed Non-food PremisesPerformance Pledge Restaurant Licensing Resource Centre and Licence Issuing Offices Licensing Offices and District Environmental Hygiene Offices Telephone NumbersPamphlets Related to Licensing ServicesGuide on Types of Licences RequiredA Guide on Drawing of Proposed Layout Plan for Food Business Licence Application
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Type of Licences Application Form Details of Application
Restaurant Licence and Provisional Restaurant Licence
Bakery Licence and Provisional Bakery Licence
Cold Store Licence and Provisional Cold Store Licence
Factory Canteen Licence and Provisional Factory Canteen Licence
Food Factory Licence and Provisional Food Factory Licence
Temporary Food Factory Licence
Fresh Provision Shop Licence and Provisional Fresh Provision Shop Licence
Frozen Confection Factory Licence and Provisional Frozen Confection Factory Licence
Milk Factory Licence and Provisional Milk Factory Licence
Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence and Provisional Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
Composite Food Shop Licence and Provisioinal Composite Food Shop Licence
Restricted Food Permits
Food Licence/Permit Application for Transfer of Food Licence/Permit Refer to the application form
Karaoke Establishment Permit and Provisional Karaoke Establishment Permit in Restaurant
Other Trade Licences, namely Commercial Bathhouse Licence, Funeral Parlour Licence, Offensive Trade Licence, Swimming Pool Licence and Undertaker's Licence Application for Other Trade Licences
Places of Public Entertainment Licence and Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence
Liquor Licence and Club Liquor Licence