Under the prevailing Light Refreshment Restaurant (LRR) licensing regime, licensees may only choose to sell food from one of the six specified food groups (please refer to the lists at:  https://www.fehd.gov.hk/english/howtoseries/forms/new/Specified_Snack_List.pdf). The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) considers the types of cuisine and cooking methods becoming more diversified over the years, on the premise that food safety and environmental hygiene are not compromised, with effect from 1 March 2023, will relax the restrictions on food items sold by LRRs.  Restrictions will be imposed on the cooking method instead.

Under the new regulatory regime, an LRR can basically sell any food item. As LRRs are generally small in scale and use simple cooking equipment, they are only allowed to adopt simple cooking methods [(e.g. boiling, stewing, steaming, braising and simple frying (excluding deep frying and stir frying)] that do not generate a large amount of greasy fumes will be permitted during food preparation.  No cooking or food re-heating activities (e.g. hotpot, Teppanyaki or Korean style BBQs) are allowed in the seating area, so as to safeguard environmental hygiene and safety of patrons.

The above-mentioned initiatives will apply to all LRR licence applied after 1 March 2023.  Current LRR licensees / applicants may also choose to adhere to their original mode of operation, i.e. selling food items of a specified group or they may apply to the FEHD for amendment to the specified groups of food items on their existing licences.

* The examples in the pictures above are for reference only and do not include all the permitted or unpermitted cooking activities.