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Application for Allocation of Niche

The ashes of the deceased can be deposited in niches at the Department's columbaria if the deceased falls into one the following categories:

  1. who was a resident of Hong Kong at the time of his death and whose remains were cremated in a Government crematorium within three months after his death; or
  2. who was a resident of Hong Kong for a period of at least ten years during the period of twenty years immediately preceding his death and whose remains were cremated outside Hong Kong; or
  3. whose remains are lawfully exhumed and cremated at a Government crematorium.

The applicant has to fill in the Application for a Niche or Additional Cremated Ashes of the Deceased before submission to Cemeteries and Crematoria Offices with the required documents.

I) Application for Allocation of a New Niche in the Department's Columbaria

  1. For new public niches at Outlying Islands, please complete the form of Application for a Niche (For New Niche at Outlying Islands Only);
  2. * For new niches other than on Outlying Islands, please refer to Public Notice on the allocation of niches in columbaria issued by the Department for application for details.

    * In addition to the comprehensive allocation of public niches once a year, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) accepts applications from the public for new niches at Tsang Tsui Columbarium on a monthly basis starting from December 2020. About 1,700 new niches are provided each month. Therefore, there is currently adequate supply of public niches and applicants generally do not have to wait.

II) Documents to be produced

  1. a copy of his or her own identity card;
  2. a copy of the identity card of the deceased;
  3. the original and a copy of the Permit to Take Away Cremated Ashes of the deceased;
  4. for application to deposit the ashes of two or more deceased persons in the same niche, the documentary proof of the relationship of the deceased to each other is required. If such proof is not available, the applicant shall take an oath at the Cemeteries and Crematoria Office of the FEHD in Hung Hom/Happy Valley;
  5. for application for niches on outlying islands, the original and a copy of letter from the relevant islands rural committee (Only applicable to application for allocation of niche) and a statutory declaration made by the legal representative or next of kin of the first deceased person are required to certify the eligibility of the deceased.

The Addresses of Cemeteries and Crematoria Offices:

  1. 1J Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

    Enquiry telephone number: 2570 4318 / 2572 5286
    Fax number: 2591 1879
  2. Upper Ground Floor, 6 Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon.

    Enquiry telephone number: 2365 5321 / 2364 5364
    Fax number: 2176 4963

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