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Annex III

Food Premises Self-Inspection Checklist

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  1. Food Hygiene

    Standard Finding
    Food supplied from approved and reputable sources
    Food promptly moved to proper storage areas upon receipt
    Food and raw materials stored off the floor
    First-in-first-out principle for food storage applied
    Food at proper temperature during cooling, storage, display and transportation
    Frozen food thawed properly and completely
    No cross-contamination of raw / cooked food
    No cross-contamination of food by equipment, utensils, and personnel
    Food properly protected during storage, preparation, display, service and transportation
    Thorough cooking and reheating of food
  2. Utensils and Equipment

    Standard Finding
    Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils properly maintained, kept clean and sanitized between uses
    Non-food contact surfaces of equipment properly maintained and kept clean
    Proper storage of cleaned equipment and utensils
  3. Premises Hygiene

    Standard Finding
    Walls, floors and ceilings properly maintained and kept clean
    Sewerage / grease trap and plumbing system in good state and working condition
    Extraction / exhaust systems in food room in good working condition, grease filters installed and kept clean
    Ventilating system in premises functioning properly
    Toilets kept clean and free from obstruction
    Water closets in good repair and working condition with flushing water
    Wash hand basins kept clean, and provided with liquid soap and hand-drying facilities
    Adequate waste containers, properly covered and emptied daily
    Absence of signs of vermin or rodent infestation
    Proper pest-proof measures taken to prevent infestation of pests
    No dogs, cats, birds or pets in food rooms
    No deviation from approved layout
    No food preparation / scullery in open spaces, or extension of business beyond licensed area
  4. Personal Hygiene of Food Handlers

    Standard Finding
    No obvious symptoms of illness, suspension from food handling for those infected
    Hands washed thoroughly and as frequently as required, open wound completely covered in gloves or dressing
    Good appearance and personal behaviour, no smoking or spitting in food room
    Clean clothes and overall worn

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