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Annex IV

Essential Precautionary Measures against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) for Food Premises

  1. Step up cleaning, inspection and maintenance for all ventilating systems in the premises, including air outlets, air filters, fresh air inlets and ventilating ducts.
  2. Keep the ventilating systems of the premises in operation during business hours.
  3. Provide customers of restaurants and factory canteens with additional chopsticks or spoons for the common serving of food.
  4. Wash and sterilize tableware / towels provided to customers thoroughly before re-used.
  5. Step up cleansing and disinfection of the walls, floors, utensils, tables, chairs and equipment on the premises.
  6. Cease work and consult a registered medical practitioner immediately should any employee found suffering from respiratory tract illness.
  7. Put all food, beverage and tableware under proper storage and cover.
  8. Arrange mouth masks for the staff to wear; and
  9. Ensure food properly covered during delivery.