To strengthen food safety supervision in licensed food premises, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has introduced the Hygiene Manager (HM) and Hygiene Supervisor (HS) Scheme (the Scheme).

The Requirements

Under the Scheme, all large food establishments and food establishments producing high risk food are required to appoint an HM and an HS; and all other food establishments are required to appoint an HM or an HS. The types of food establishments requiring an HM and/ or an HS are shown in Annex I and their duties are listed at Annex II for reference.

Training / Appointment of HM and HS

Food business operators are required to train up their staff or appoint qualified persons to take up the post of HM or HS. Lists of HM and HS training courses recognized by this department are attached at Annex III and Annex III(a) for your reference. The course fees may vary among them. For further details about the courses, please contact the organizers direct at the given telephone numbers. In addition, free HS training courses are being provided by this department to staff of licensed food premises and food premises under application for licence.

Those who wish to nominate qualified person to be the full-time Hygiene Manager or Hygiene Supervisor for food premises may complete a nomination form and submit to the relevant District Environmental Hygiene Office or Licensing Office (for licence applicants only) of the FEHD together with a copy of course certificate for processing.

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