Handling of Ashes

Apart from the option of keeping cremated ashes in private or public columbaria, members of the public may also choose to scatter the ashes in the following 12 Gardens of Remembrance in 8 public columbaria managed by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD).

Gardens of Remembrance Address Telephone
(1) Cape Collinson [No.1 (Old)] 9 Cape Collinson Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong 2556 1377
(2) Cape Collinson [No.2 (New)]
(3) Diamond Hill [No.1 (Old)] 199 Po Kong Village Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon 2325 9996
(4) Diamond Hill [No.2 (New)]
(5) Fu Shan Lower Shing Mun Road, Tai Wai, Sha Tin, N.T. 2699 5090
(6) Kwai Chung [No.1 (Old)] 13 Wing Hau Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. 2614 4390
(7) Kwai Chung [No.2 (New)]
(8) Wo Hop Shek (Phase III) Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium, Phase III , Fanling, N.T 2696 4031
(9) Wo Hop Shek (Phase V) Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium, Phase V, Fanling, N.T 2696 4031
(10) Cheung Chau Cheung Chau Peak Road West, Sai Wan, Cheung Chau 2981 5177
(11) Lamma Island Lamma Island Columbarium 2981 5177
(12) Peng Chau Peng Chau Columbarium 2981 5177

Application Procedures and Fees

Applicants should submit in person the completed application form and the original copy of "Permit To Take Away Cremated Ashes", at least 10 days prior to the proposed date for scattering the cremated ashes, to the Cemeteries and Crematoria office of FEHD in Hung Hom or Happy Valley and make a declaration that he/she will be responsible for any liability or related matter arising from the ashes scattering. For application of scattering of cremated ashes at the Gardens of Remembrance on outlying islands, the original and a copy of letter from the relevant islands rural committee and a statutory declaration made by the legal representative or next of kin of the deceased person are required to certify the eligibility of the deceased. For application made by fax, post or e-form, FEHD will arrange with the applicant for submission of the original copy of supporting document(s) for verification.

Application form can be downloaded from the FEHD website (http://www.fehd.gov.hk).

Upon approval by FEHD, the applicant may arrange to scatter the cremated ashes of the deceased in the Garden of Remembrance free of charge.

The applicant may also mount a commemorative plaque for the eligible deceased on the dedicated wall of that Garden of Remembrance (Except New Kwai Chung Garden of Remembrance) where the cremated ashes of the deceased are scattered to commemorate the deceased after paying the required administration fee. FEHD allows applicant to display photo of the deceased on the commemorative plaque.

No commemorative plaque facility is provided in the New Kwai Chung Garden of Remembrance. Four electronic kiosks are installed at the side of the garden to encourage the public to adopt digital worshipping. After scattering of ashes, FEHD will open an Internet Memorial Account and provide a unique QR code for the applicant. Applicant can log in via an electronic kiosk by using the unique QR code and pay tribute to the deceased in the dedicated memorial page.

Offices of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Section

Hong Kong Cemeteries and Crematoria Office Kowloon Cemeteries and Crematoria Office
Address: 1J Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong (next to Hong Kong Cemetery) Address: Upper Ground Floor, 6 Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Tel. : 2570 4318 Tel. : 2365 5321
Fax : 2591 1879 Fax : 2176 4963

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