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Appendix I

How to Read the Food Labels

The Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) Regulations require food manufacturers or packers to label their products in a prescribed, uniform and legible manner. Unless there is exemption in the Regulations or otherwise stated, the following information should be marked in either English or Chinese language or in both languages on the label of prepackaged food:

  1. Name of Food

    Food should be labelled with an accurate name to make the nature and type of food known to purchasers.

  2. List of Ingredients

    1. The ingredients should be listed in descending order of weight or volume.
    2. If an additive constitutes one of the ingredients of a food, it should be listed by its specific name (e.g. sulphur dioxide) or by the appropriate category (e.g. preservative) or by both name and category.
  3. Indication of "Use By" or "Best Before" Date

    The label should use either the words "Use By 此日期前食用" or "Best Before 此日期前最佳", as the case may be, followed by the date, to indicate the shelf-life of the food.

  4. Statement of Special Conditions for Storage or Instructions for Use

    If special conditions are required for storage or special instructions are needed for the use of prepackaged food, a statement should be included on the label (e.g. kept refrigerated at or below 4oC).

  5. Name and Address of Manufacturer or Packer

    The label should have the full name and full address of the manufacturer or packer, or otherwise in accordance with the requirements as stipulated in the Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) Regulations.

  6. Count, Weight or Volume of Food

    The food label should include the numerical count or net weight or net volume of the prepackaged food.

Note: If Chinese and English languages are used in labelling, the food name and the ingredient list of the prepackaged food shall be labelled in both languages.