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The Home of Forever Love in Kwai Chung

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has set up its pioneer facility dedicated for abortus cremation and associated services near the Kwai Chung Crematorium. The facility is named as "Home of Forever Love" which symbolises the everlasting care and love of parents, the community and the Government. It is situated in a scenic and tranquil environment. With an area of about 90 square metres, it houses two sets of small-scale installations for cremation, a multi-purpose room and a reception area. It is connected by a serene trail to a garden of remembrance dedicated for scattering the ashes of abortuses, and there are four electronic kiosks for parents to conduct memorial activities. The cremation facility was commissioned in September 2022. It provides the following services for the public free of charge: The Home of Forever Love in Kwai Chung