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Batch Cremation Service for Healthcare Facilities

Apart from accepting applications from parents of abortuses, the Home of Forever Love in Kwai Chung also provides batch cremation service of unclaimed abortuses for public hospitals under the Hospital Authority or the Department of Health, private hospitals or healthcare facilities registered under the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 633), clinics under the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, as well as the Tai Lam Centre for Women and the Lo Wu Correctional Institution under the Correctional Services Department, so as to handle the unclaimed abortuses in a decent manner.

Hospitals or healthcare facilities should first make a one-time registration with the FEHD and deliver the abortuses to the abortus cremation facility in Kwai Chung for batch cremation on the scheduled date. In general, abortuses for batch cremation are cremated on the same day of receipt by the FEHD. The cremated ashes of abortuses will be scattered at the designated garden.