How well do you know about Aedes albopictus, the transmission vector of Dengue fever ?
Please take this challenge! A certificate will be awarded to those who got 80% or more correct!


  1. Which of the following diseases is NOT transmitted by mosquitoes?

  2. Which are the stages of mosquito life cycle?

  3. During which of the following stages do mosquitoes live in water?

  4. The least time required for Aedes albopictus to develop from egg to adult is:

  5. Which of the following bites?

  6. Aedes albopictus is most active at?

  7. Aedes albopictus hibernates during?

  8. The eggs of Aedes albopictus can resist:

  9. Which of the following is NOT a breeding place for Aedes albopictus?

  10. The most effective way to prevent dengue fever is: