The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) is operating the Commercial Bathhouse Subsidy Scheme under the Anti-epidemic Fund.  The Scheme is now open to applications from eligible Commercial Bathhouse Licence holders for a grant of one-off subsidy.  A one-off subsidy of $100,000 will be provided to eligible licence holders of the commercial bathhouses which are required to be closed under the directions issued under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F).

The application period and procedures are set out below:

Application Period:

9:00 a.m., 27 April 2020 (Monday) to
5:00 p.m., 27 May 2020 (Wednesday)


The applicant shall hold a valid Commercial Bathhouse Licence issued by the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene on 28 March 2020. The details are as follows:

  1. To apply for the subsidy, an applicant is required to fulfil the following criteria:
    1. the applicant holds a valid Commercial Bathhouse Licence issued by FEHD on 28 March 2020 and is still holding the Licence on the date of approval of the application; AND

    2. no application for transfer, voluntary surrender or cancellation of licence in respect of the licensed Commercial Bathhouse is under processing between the date of submission of the application and the date of approval of the application.

  2. As an exceptional arrangement, an applicant not holding a valid Commercial Bathhouse Licence on 28 March 2020 may apply for the subsidy, provided that:
    1. an application for transfer of a Licence was made on or before 28 March 2020, the application was approved after 28 March 2020, and the applicant is the approved transferee after 28 March 2020; AND

    2. no subsidy has been granted by FEHD to the original licence holder in respect of the concerned licence under the Subsidy Scheme; AND

    3. the applicant meets the criteria in item (1) above.

Means of Application

Processing of Application

Other Points to Note