Your attention is drawn that of late there have been cases of impersonation of Health Inspectors by culprits to solicit loans from the licensees of food premises or from persons who have submitted applications for food business licences.  In most of these fraudulent cases, the licensee or licence applicant generally received a telephone call from a person who tricked the victim into revealing the name of a genuine Health Inspector who had recently visited the premises on official duties, and then claimed to be that Inspector.  The caller then solicited a loan of a sum of money which he promised to repay within a few days.  The reason usually given was that he had issued a cheque which was not fully covered by the deposits in his bank account.  If the loan was agreed, the caller would arrange for his relative to collect it at a rendezvous outside the premises and the licensee or licence applicant was thus victimised.

The above is but an example of the many tricks used by culprits.  The purpose of this article is to make you aware of such fraudulent cases and to remind you that staff of this department are not allowed under any circumstances to solicit or accept any advantage (including a loan) from members of the public.  You are requested to report without delay any such solicitation or acceptance of advantage to the office of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Tel. No.: 2526 6366) and at the same time, to contact the Assistant Secretary (Licensing) of the respective Licensing Office so that investigation may be carried out immediately.

Please note that staff of this department carry a Government Identity Card which shall be produced for inspection on demand.