Starting from 23 January 2010 , the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has been providing free ferry service to facilitate the public in the scattering of cremated human ashes at sea.

FEHD will provide free ferry service every Saturday morning from the Sai Wan Ho Public Pier to the east of Tung Lung Chau (see Annex attached) for the public to scatter ashes. Every ferry trip can accommodate up to 10 applicants who may each bring along seven family members, relatives and friends on board. FEHD will provide additional ferry service if it is well-received by the public.

Since July 2007, FEHD has streamlined the application procedures for scattering cremated human ashes at sea in designated Hong Kong waters (i.e. to the east of Tung Lung Chau, east of Tap Mun and south of West Lamma Channel). The number of applications has increased markedly in the past three years from 160 in 2007 to 279 in 2009. It is a sign of growing public acceptance of the disposal of human ashes in this environmental friendly manner. However, at present only a few non-government organizations and private enterprises provide ferry service for the purpose. FEHD has decided to provide the free service to promote the scattering of human ashes at sea.

The public may conduct simple memorial ceremony on board the vessel, but they must not cause nuisance or disturbance to others who use the service. No objects shall be thrown into the sea except human ashes and a handful of natural flower petals.

An applicant should complete the application form and submit it to our Cemeteries and Crematoria offices in Hong Kong (Happy Valley) or Kowloon (Hung Hom) not less than 10 days before the proposed date for scattering ashes. Approval will normally be granted within five working days from the date of receipt of the duly completed application form. The application form and guidance notes can be downloaded from the FEHD homepage (

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Ferry Service for Scattering Cremains