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Handling of Abortus (defined as Abortus that is NOT "Still-birth" Note)

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has 2 abortus keeping facilities: –

Abortus Keeping Facilities Address Telephone
"Garden of Forever Love" at Wo Hop Shek Wo Hop Shek, Fanling, N.T. (near Kiu Tau Road Columbarium, Phase V) 2696 4031
"Garden of Forever Love" at Cape Collinson Near Block 5 and Block 6 of Cape Collinson Columbarium, 9 Cape Collinson Road, Chai Wan, H.K. 2570 4318

As all keeping spaces for abortuses in the Garden of Forever Love at Wo Hop Shek have been used up, starting today, this Department will only accept applications for abortus keeping services in the Garden of Forever Love at Cape Collinson.


To apply for keeping of Abortus at "Garden of Forever Love", the concerned father and/or mother is/are required to be resident(s) of Hong Kong with "Documentation on Abortus" or other documentary proof issued by a local medical practitioner or hospital or registered healthcare facility.

Application Procedures

The applicant should produce the following documents:

  1. the original and copy of the "Documentation on Abortus" or other documentary proof issued by local medical practitioner or hospital or registered healthcare facility;

  2. the original and a copy of his or her own HKID Card; and

  3. a copy of the HKID Card of the abortus's mother (only applicable when the applicant is not the mother of abortus).

The applicant can submit in person the completed application form (FEHB 282), together with copies of the above documents, to the Cemeteries and Crematoria office of FEHD in Hung Hom or Happy Valley during the office hours.

The applicant may also submit the completed application form with the copies of required documents by fax / post / e-form / email ( The original copies of the above documents must be submitted on the date of deposition for verification. If failure to provide, FEHD may forward the copies of submitted documents to local medical practitioner or hospital or registered healthcare facility for verification. FEHD reserves the rights of not providing the service before the receipt of the result of document verification.

In general, approval will be granted by FEHD within 5 working days from the date of receipt of a duly completed application and required supporting document(s). This keeping service is free of charge.

Checking on Application Status

Successful applicants, who has chosen to receive the notification of results by phone short message, may browse the approval at the following link.

Checking on the Status of Application for Keeping of Abortus (For SMS notification only)

Keeping of Abortus

Upon approval of the application, the applicant shall liaise with concerned hospital/registered healthcare facility and shall arrange the retrieval of the abortus from the authority/person in possession of the abortus and thereafter place the abortus in the keeping facility of FEHD on the approval day of deposition on his/her own. Applicant shall make appointment with FEHD staff not less than 2 working days before the scheduled date for placing of abortus. The keeping space for abortus is assigned by FEHD. The applicant shall hire his/her own service provider for digging the assigned keeping space for abortus (with a depth of 500 mm) and refilling the keeping space by soil up to the ground level after placing the abortus therein. With a view to fulfilling the biodegradable purpose, the container for keeping the abortus must be made by paper or carton. It will be provided by the concerned hospital/registered healthcare facility, though the applicant may opt for using his or her own container. The length, width and height of the container allowed for placing into the keeping space shall not exceed 360 mm, 240 mm and 180 mm respectively. Placing of any non-biodegradable objects inside the container or the assigned keeping space is not allowed. Under all circumstances, abortus (together with container and other items) kept in the keeping facility is not retrievable. FEHD may re-use the concerned keeping space after the abortus is returned to nature without further notice to the applicant.

For hygienic handling of abortus, the applicant has the responsibility to arrange retrieval and keeping of abortus to be conducted on the same day.

Moreover, the applicant may also apply for mounting a commemorative plaque at the keeping facility. The commemorative plaque space is allocated by FEHD free of charge. However, the applicant shall engage a registered contractor of FEHD for the mounting of commemorative plaque (if required).

Offices of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Section

Hong Kong Cemeteries and Crematoria Office Kowloon Cemeteries and Crematoria Office
Address: 1J Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong (next to Hong Kong Cemetery) Address: Upper Ground Floor, 6 Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon

Tel. : 2570 4318

Tel. : 2365 5321

Fax : 2591 1879

Fax : 2176 4963

Note: "Still-birth" is defined as abortus that has been issued with a Certificate of Still-birth referred to as Form 13 under the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance (Cap. 174).