Cemeteries and Crematoria Services

      For booking status of available niches, please:

       1. Click on the columbarium from the list below.

Diamond Hill Columbarium
Cape Collinson Columbarium
Wo Hop Shek Columbarium
Fu Shan Columbarium
Kwai Chung Columbarium
Cheung Chau Columbarium
Peng Chau Garden of Remembrance
Lamma Garden of Remembrance


2. Select the type of niches from the pull-down menu below.

Note: Large Niche   -   may hold more than four sets of cremated ashes if necessary (HK$3,600)
  Standard Niche   -   may hold more than two sets of cremated ashes if necessary (HK$2,800)
  Place Additional Urn(s)   -   per transaction (HK$140)
  Place memorial plaque   -  per niche (HK$90)
  • The supply of niches available for reallocation depends on the number of surrendered niches of the columbarium and the number of successful selection of niches in the waiting lists.


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