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Health Education Exhibition & Resource Centre

Members of the public are welcome to read and borrow the publications
and audio-visual materials of the Resource Centre.

List of English books in the Resource Centre
By Classification Order (Dewey Decimal Classification)


Generalities & Encyclopedia

100 Psychology & Mental Health
300 Social Sciences & Sociology
350 Public Administration
360 Public & Environmental Health Services
370 School Health
380 Public Services & Utilities
400 Language & Dictionaries

Natural Science

540 Chemistry & Allied Science
570 Life Science, Microbiology & Ecology
580 Botanical Sciences
590 Insects & Pests
600 Technology
610 Medical Sciences
620 Sanitary, Environmental & Municipal Engineering, and Pest Control
630 Agricultural, Dairy Production & Pesticide
640 Food Science, Food Labelling, Healthy Eating, Home Sanitation and Restaurants
650 Occupational Health
660 Beverage & Food Manufacturing Technology & HACCP
900 History & Hong Kong information

Specialized Files

The Resource Centre collects specialized files which comprise pamphlets, leaflets, posters and newspaper cuttings as follows:

Please click at the bulletin point for details.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Resource Centre at (852) 2377 1989.