The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department adopts an integrated approach in rodent prevention and control.  Such approach is mainly premised on the recommendations and technical guidelines of the World Health Organization, which includes the elimination of the 3 survival conditions of rodents, namely food, harbourage and passages.  The Department will, having regard to the actual circumstances of different environments, employ different disinfestation methods to achieve better anti-rodent effects. 

Currently, the Department only conducts trials on the placement of glue traps as an additional measure in its markets which have a more serious problem of rodent infestation to enhance the anti-rodent effectiveness.  Glue traps will only be placed indoor after the opening hours of the markets.  The Department has also drawn up internal guidelines, stipulating that its staff should monitor the use of glue traps on site and handle the rodents caught as soon as possible in a humane way.  The Department will keep in view the trial use of glue traps and apply appropriate measures.  Currently, there are no plans to place glue traps outdoor.