The objective of the Government's rehabilitation policy is to offer necessary support for persons with disabilities (including persons with visual impairment) to enhance their capacity to lead an independent life, thereby improving their quality of life and facilitating their integration into the community.  To this end, the Government has been making proactive  efforts  in  developing the rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities and creating a barrier-free living environment.

The Disability Discrimination Ordinance (Cap. 487) (the Ordinance) has provided that refusing to allow a person with visual impairment accompanied by a guide dog to enter any premises that the public is allowed to enter, or refusing to provide that person with services or facilities may be construed as a contravention of the Ordinance.  While it is stipulated in section 10B of the Food Business Regulation (Cap. 132X) (the Regulation) that no person shall bring any dog onto food premises, the Regulation provides for an exception for dog serving as a guide for a totally or partially blind person.  In this respect, entry of guide dog onto a food premises (except a food room) is allowed under the current legislation.

You are advised to comply with the aforesaid legislative provisions and to remind your frontline staff to allow persons with visual impairment accompanied by guide dogs to enter your restaurant (except food rooms).

For any enquiry concerning the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, please contact staff of the Equal Opportunities Commission at 2511 8211.