To facilitate the setting up of business, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) implements a provisional licensing system in which a provisional food business licence / provisional KE permit / provisional places of public entertainment licence (cinema/theatre) is issued to premises that have satisfied all essential health, building safety and fire safety requirements. A provisional licence shall be valid for six months to enable the licensee to operate his business on a provisional basis, pending the issue of a full licence.

Under the existing licensing procedure, FEHD will issue a letter to remind applicant of the expiry date of the provisional licence/ provisional KE permit and to take prompt action to comply with all the licensing requirements during the remaining validity period of the provisional licence/ KE permit for the issue of a full licence.

With effect from 5.1.2018, on top of issue of usual reminder letter, FEHD will send an email notification to applicants on 30 days prior to the expiry of provisional licence / provisional KE permit that the provisional licence is duly expired in order to facilitate the applicants for taking expedited action to comply with all licensing requirements for the issue of a full licence. If applicants wish to receive this email notification, they should provide their email address(es) in the licence application form or provide such information to the case managers (for application under progress) for necessary arrangement.