Electronic Submission of Applications





Starting from January 2013, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) will accept online filing of applications with the use of electronic application form(e-Form) through the Internet.


Types of e-Form

  i) Submittable e-Form
  ii) Non-Submittable e-Form


Procedures to submit e-Form

  i) Install e-Form Filler in local PC
  ii) Download e-Form template from FEHD website,
  ii) Fill in e-Form and submit online using e-Form Filler in local PC.


Recommended System Requirements


To use the e-Form, the recommended system requirements are listed as follows:

i) Hardware Requirements
  1 CPU: Core 2 Duo or above
  2 RAM: 1 GB or above
  3 Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or above
ii) Software Requirements
  1 Microsoft Windows running 2008 R2/7/8.1/10, Apple Intel-based Mac running Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) or above
  2 Browser support:
  - For Windows, Internet Explorer 11.0 and above, Firefox 3.6 and above, Chrome 58 and above.
  - For MacOS, a 64-bit browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) is required.
iii) Internet Connection Bandwidth:
  512 Kbps or above



Digital Signature


As requirement, it is essential to submit a Digital Signature in the following e-forms:


eForm No.

Form Title

eFEHB 10

Littering from Vehicle - Report Form

eFEHB 77

Food Import Declaration Form

eFEHB 79

Application for Health Certificate for Foods of Animal Origin

eFEHB 104

Application for Places of Public Entertainment Licence / Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence

eFEHB 105

Application for Other Trade Business @

eFEHB 113

Application Form for Volunteer Service

eFEHB 161

Application for Importation of Frozen / Chilled Meat / Poultry / Game Meat

eFEHB 164

Application for Re-export of Frozen / Chilled Meat / Poultry / Game Meat through the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to the Mainland / Macau / Other Country

eFEHB 175

Application for Karaoke Establishment Permit

eFEHB 176

Application for Renewal of Karaoke Establishment Permit / Provisional Karaoke Establishment Permit

eFEHB 177

Application for Transfer of Karaoke Establishment Permit / Provisional Karaoke Establishment Permit

eFEHB 178

Application for Change of Name of Karaoke Establishment

eFEHB 179

Application for Replacement of Authorized Representative of the Grantee of the Karaoke Establishment

eFEHB 180

Exemption from the Application of the Karaoke Establishments Ordinance for A Bona Fide Restaurant

eFEHB 200

Application for Registration as Importer/Distributor of Live Food Animals and Live Poultry under the Voluntary Registration Scheme

eFEHB 237

Application for Access to Information

eFEHB 250

Application for Permitting Live Broadcast (other than Exhibition of Films) at Premises Issued with a Valid Places of Public Entertainment Licence (endorsed with cinematograph displays)

eFEHB 254

Application for Transfer of Places of Public Entertainment Licence

eFEHB 305

Application for Transfer of Other Trade Licence


As the provision of the Digital Signature is one of the mandatory requirements in submitting this e-form, should you fail to submit the Digital Signature or do not have the e-certificate to provide the Digital Signature, you may print out the form and sign on the hardcopy and send to respective Offices by mail or in person.


@ For eFEHB 105, digital signature is ONLY required when submitting application of Undertaker’s Licence.


Applications relating to Food Business/Trade Licences and Permits