At present, the Government implements the "Management Scheme for the Display of Roadside Non-commercial Publicity Materials" (the Management Scheme) at designated roadside locations in each district in order to more effectively regulate the display of roadside publicity materials (including banners, bills and posters), heighten traffic safety and improve the cityscape.

To tie in with the implementation of the Management Scheme, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) staff have stepped up enforcement of Section 104A of the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance, Cap. 132 (the Ordinance). In accordance with Section 104C of the Ordinance, FEHD staff will remove unauthorised non-commercial publicity materials displayed on Government land without the permission of the Lands Department under the Management Scheme and recover the removal cost from the involved persons1; and also consider taking out prosecution against the involved persons.

With reference to Section 130 of the Ordinance, the cost of removal to be recovered from FEHD includes the cost of labour, transport or materials used and administrative cost. The cost shall be apportioned among the involved persons with each liable for his portion. In general, the sum payable by each of the involved persons comprises two parts:

  1. Apportioned part: including the cost incurred in each operation, which may vary with the time required for each operation, the amount of unauthorized publicity materials removed and the number of involved persons.
  2. Non-apportioned part: including the administrative fee and postage of a demand note issued, which is at a fixed rate in the same financial year to each involved person.

Enquiry : 2868 0000

1 those who display the publicity materials as well as the beneficiaries of those displayed materials which are collectively known as the involved persons.