In accordance with the conditions for release of the subsidy, upon approval and after receiving of the respective subsidy, the applicant must submit the certificate issued by a certified public accountant (practicing) (CPA) certifying the total staff salaries paid and total number of salaried staff working at the licensed premises for each of the month in the period from August to October 2020 for Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme and September to November 2020 for Enhanced Catering Business (Social Distancing) Subsidy Scheme.  The said certificate must be submitted on or before the 22nd day of the month that follows each month in the period and in Food and Environmental Hygiene Department's (FEHD) prescribed pdf format to designated account online provided by the FEHD in respect of the licensed premises.

Subsidy Scheme for Food Licence Holders
Subsidy Scheme for Licensed Hawkers