Potential sites have been identified in various districts under the columbarium development plan. Among the projects, 14 sites will altogether provide around 600,000 new niches.  As regards the remaining projects, the Government will continue the planning work and consult the relevant DCs when ready.  If taken forward, they will provide an additional 300,000 niches.

Among the projects which have gone through DC consultation, the Department has obtained funding approval for taking forward the following -

Location Number of niches
Anticipated Year of Completion
Wong Nai Chung Road Columbarium 855 Completed in 2019
Tsang Tsui Columbarium 163,000 Completed in 2020
Wo Hop Shek Cemetery (Phase 1), North District 44,000 Completed in 2020
Cheung Chau Columbarium Extension, Islands District 1,250 Completed in 2020
Lai Chi Yuen Cemetery Extension, Islands District 790 Completed in 2020
Cape Collison Road, Eastern District 25,000 Completed in 2022
On Hing Lane, Shek Mun, Shatin 40,000 2025

In addition to the comprehensive allocation of public niches once a year, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department accepts applications from the public for new niches at Tsang Tsui Columbarium on a monthly basis starting from December 2020. About 1,700 new niches are provided each month. Therefore, there is currently adequate supply of public niches and applicants generally do not have to wait.