Special Arrangement for Joss Paper Burners in Tsang Tsui Columbarium around the Chung Yeung Festival 2023

Chung Yeung Festival is approaching, and it is expected that a large number of grave sweepers will visit Tsang Tsui Columbarium (the Columbarium) with joss papers and offerings to pay tribute to their ancestors during the festive period. Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) appeals to members of the public to consider staggering grave-sweeping activities over a wider period before and after the Chung Yeung Festival and avoid grave sweeping during the peak period on the day of the Chung Yeung Festival so as to avoid overcrowding.

A longer queueing time for burning paper offerings in joss paper burners (JPBs) is expected in the coming festive period. In line with the arrangement of the Ching Ming Festival, no walk-in queue for JPBs will be allowed in the Columbarium during the peak period of the Chung Yeung Festival, i.e. on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 7 October 2023 to 5 November 2023. All JPB users must make advance booking via the FEHD's website OR obtain queue tickets on site for the use of JPBs. Details of the arrangement are as follows:  

  1. Online Booking System

    The online system will start to accept bookings from the public from 27 September 2023. Members of the public can make advance booking of the designated JPBs on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 7 October 2023 to 5 November 2023 through the "Online Booking System for Joss Paper Burners in Tsang Tsui Columbarium" on the FEHD' s website. The timeslots are available on a first-come-first-served basis. For non-peak period, no advance booking is required.

    Members of public with advance booking should show the QR code in the SMS to the venue staff before entering to the "JPB Queue" on 1/F of the Columbarium at the reserved timeslot. Each mobile phone number can make only one booking on the same day and the booking is valid only at the reserved timeslot. The visitors are advised to cancel their booking if they could not turn up on the scheduled date and time.

  2. Obtaining Queue Ticket On-site

    If no prior online booking has been made, JPB users are required to obtain a same-day queue ticket from the ticketing machines installed on G/F of the Columbarium. Holders of a valid queue ticket with number being called should show the physical tickets (photocopies, screenshots or other means are not acceptable) to the venue staff before entering to the “JPB Queue” on 1/F of the Columbarium. All same-day queue tickets must be used within the designated time period, and overdue booking will not be entertained. Ticket holders can visit the FEHD website (https://app.fehd.gov.hk/newniche/QueueStatus/QueueStatus.aspx?lang=en-GB) or the on-site display kiosks to check the real-time queueing ticket status. You may also click the following link for the details.

    Take a Queue Ticket before Burning Paper Offerings (Only Traditional Chinese version is available)

For visitors without prior booking or unable to use the JPBs at the designated time period, they could put the paper offerings at the “Joss Paper Collection Area” near the East Wing of 1/F. FEHD staff will assist to burn them on the same day.

Furthermore, during the Chung Yeung Festival, an exhibition will be held by FEHD at the covered area next to the Water Pool on the G/F to exhibit the winning entries of the "Return to Nature - Pass on our Love to Future Generations" Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School Students Poster Design Competition. All are welcome to visit free of charge without prior registration. Throughout the exhibition period, a non-profit organisation will set up a food kiosk, allowing visitors to appreciate the winning entries while enjoying delicious food and beverages.

Burning of paper offerings and incense is a traditional culture in paying tribute to the deceased, however, it could emit various kinds of air pollutants which may be hazardous to human health and pollute the environment. FEHD encourages grave-sweepers to adopt more environmentally friendly ways to pay respects to their ancestors such as flowers instead of burning joss papers and incense. Paying a sincere and heartfelt tribute is the key of ancestor worship. Relatives can consider paying tribute to their ancestors by observing a moment of silence, expressing thoughts in writing, or offering flowers, as an alternative to joss paper burning. These will help preserve the cleanliness and serenity of the resting places.

To facilitate the public to pay respects and show condolences to their lost loved ones at any time, and from anywhere, FEHD also provides a free memorial website "memorial.gov.hk" (http://www.memorial.gov.hk) and its mobile app for the public.

For enquiries, please contact staff of Tsang Tsui Columbarium at 2713 1077.

Cemeteries and Crematoria Section

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

3 October 2023