Application for Exhumation or Relocation of Remains at Places Other Than Cemeteries

Applicant has to apply in person at the Cemeteries and Crematoria Office of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) in Hung Hom or Happy Valley and to:

  1. complete an application form and provide the following documents;
      1. “Application for Exhumation of Remains at Places other than Cemeteries (FEHB 241)” and “Application for Permit to Remove / Exhume Remains (FEHB 148)”;
      2. produce four recent photos of the concerned grave / urn, two distant (i.e. the grave headstone / urn approximately occupy not more than 30% of total area of photos) showing the surrounding environment and two close-up view (the grave headstone / urn approximately occupy at least 70% of total area of photos) with all inscriptions on the tombstone clearly shown;
      3. produce the death certificate of the deceased (if it is not available, apply for the re-issue at the Births and Deaths General Register Office) or Certificate of Registration of Death or Certificate of Order Authorizing Burial of Body;
      4. produce documentary proof to show that the applicant is the legal personal representative or the next of kin of the person whose remains are to be exhumed, or the duly authorised agent of such legal personal representative or next of kin. If the documentary proof is not available, other supporting document(s) (e.g. photos / birth certificate / residential record / family pedigree / any other document) to directly or indirectly prove the relationship of the applicant with the deceased person; and
      5. In the absence of above documentary proof, the applicant shall take an oath at the above office to confirm the relationship with the deceased and explain why the document could not be presented;
    1. If the exhumed remains are to be re-buried in a private cemetery, the applicant has to produce the originals and copies of the documents permitting the burial issued by the cemetery;
    2. Within 10 days from the date of approval and issue of “Permit to Remove / Exhume Remains”, the concerned venue staff of FEHD will contact the applicant to arrange a site visit to the concerned grave/urn for supervision of exhumation. (Exhumation must be conducted under supervision of FEHD staff, otherwise FEHD may refuse to provide skeletal cremation service for the removed remains, issue a permit for their removal or provide related services.)
    3. If the concerned grave/urn is not tally with the application during supervision of exhumation, the exhumation work shall not be conducted. FEHD will revoke the approval and the issued Permit to Remove / Exhume Remains” The fees and charges paid are not refundable.
    4. After completion of exhumation, an Authorization to Exhume Remains will be given to the applicant on the spot. Applicant may bring along the Authorization to Exhume Remains to the above offices to apply other services (e.g. allocation of urn grave or cremation of skeletal remains).