Application for allocation of New Urn Graves in the Public Cemeteries at Sandy Ridge/Wo Hop Shek/Outlying Islands

Applicant has to apply in person at the Cemeteries and Crematoria Office of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) in Hung Hom (for new urn graves in Cheung Chau Cemetery, application may be made at FEHD's District Environmental Hygiene Office in Cheung Chau) and to:

  1. provide particulars of the deceased to the counter staff;
  2. after checking the particulars, complete an application form and produce documentary proof of relationship with the deceased. In the absence of such proof, the applicant shall take an oath at the Hung Hom Office (applications will not be considered if the remains are buried in an urn grave of any public cemetery to avoid waste of resources);
  3. produce certification documents from the relevant trade associations or groups for application of new urn grave in the private lots of Wo Hop Shek and Sandy Ridge Cemeteries;
  4. produce the original and a copy of letter from the relevant islands rural committee and a statutory declaration made by the legal representative or next of kin of the first decreased person certifying the burial eligibility of the deceased (original will be kept by FEHD) for application of new urn grave in FEHD's Cheung Chau Cemetery, Tai O Cemetery or Lai Chi Yuen Cemetery at Mui Wo if the deceased is not buried in any of these cemeteries;
  5. pay the fees at the shroff office after completing the procedures;
  6. upon payment, be informed of the number of the newly acquired urn grave and collect the relevant documents and receipt from the permit office.