Application for Importation of Exhumed Remains for Cremation

Applicant has to apply in person at the Cemeteries and Crematoria Office of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) in Hung Hom or Happy Valley and to:

  1. produce documents issued by the relevant Mainland / overseas authority certifying the death and burial of the deceased, and for the export of the exhumed remains;
  2. bring along the originals and copies of the above documents to the above office, take an oath and pay the cremation fee;
  3. take the exhumed remains, together with the relevant documents and receipt, to Wo Hop Shek or Cheung Chau Crematorium Office to register for cremation;
  4. collect the cremated ashes and the Permit to Take Away Cremated Ashes at Wo Hop Shek or Cheung Chau Crematorium after cremation.