is a memorial website provided by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) for the public starting from 10 June 2010 at 9:00 a.m. It aims at facilitating the public to pay tribute, show condolence, or express personal feelings to their lost loved ones at any time, and from anywhere.

Family members and friends may create a webpage at the Internet Memorial Service ( for a deceased person who had used any of the following services / met any one of the following conditions:

Upon input of simple information, you can create a memorial webpage for the deceased. The service is free of charge. You will immediately receive a confirmation email at your email account if the inputted information is correct. You can press the hyperlink in the confirmation email to activate your account and start to create the webpage for the deceased. You can select thematic design layout, write the life story, upload photos and video, and set up various features in the webpage. You can also invite your friends or relatives to visit your webpage and to show condolence together. works anytime, anywhere. Once you connect to internet and simply input the name of the deceased, you can search and browse the public memorial webpage. Visitors can leave message there to pay tribute or cherish the memory of the lost beloved ones

The computer system of the FEHD will verify the information of the deceased who was interred or kept in a Hong Kong private cemetery or private columbarium. If the information cannot be successfully verified, the applicant may have to submit documentary proof. The application will then be handled by designated staff separately.