The public may create a memorial webpage at the Internet Memorial Service website ( and upload texts, photos and videos to preserve fond memories of their lost loved ones.

An applicant who applies for allocation of a new niche for the deceased, he/she only needs to fill in his/her email address on the application form. FEHD will then create a dedicated memorial webpage displaying the name and date of death of the deceased. The memorial webpage of the deceased will display the expiry date of the interment period on the front page and the related message will pop-up starting two years before expiry of the interment period to remind the related persons of the expiry date of the current interment period. In addition, the related persons can use a dedicated link on the webpage to update the contact list or their contact information.

Family members and friends may create a memorial webpage for a deceased, who met any one of the following conditions:

Upon input of basic information (including the applicant’s email address and particulars of the deceased) at the Internet Memorial Service website, a memorial webpage for the deceased will be created. Relatives and friends of the deceased can choose the layout design, write the deceased’s life story, upload photos and videos, and set up various features for the memorial webpage. The webpage can be set as either ‘public’ or ‘private’.

The computer system of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department will verify the information of the deceased who was buried or kept in a Hong Kong private cemetery or private columbarium. If the information cannot be verified, the applicant may have to submit documentary proof. The application will then be handled by designated staff separately.

By simply entering the name of the deceased, the public can search, browse and leave messages in uploaded memorial webpages that are set as open to the public.

The Internet Memorial Service launched the mobile version ( and three demonstration videos on 25 September 2011. The public may browse the mobile version of the memorial webpages and pay tribute there. Owners of memorial webpages may use the mobile version to manage their webpages.

To enhance the service provision, FEHD launched a mobile app for “” to facilitate mobile device users to use the service anytime and anywhere they prefer. The mobile app has functions for personalized profile settings and notifications and sharing with social media. To facilitate the public, it provides three versions, namely iOS, Android and Huawei:-

  • iPhone/iPad version
    IMS app apple store QR code
    Apple Store
  • Android version
    IMS app google play QR code
  • Huawei version
    IMS app huawei app gallery QR code

To encourage the public to adopt digital worshipping, visitors can leave message at electronic kiosks of Diamond Hill and Cape Collinson Gardens of Remembrance through “” to pay tribute or cherish the memory of the lost beloved ones.