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Health Education Exhibition & Resource Centre

Exhibition Contents

A large-scale exhibition of the theme of “Food Safety, Environmental Hygiene and You” is staged at the Centre. It features advanced exhibition facilities with utilization of multi-media presentation technologies.

 In the exhibition halls, you will learn more about food and environmental hygiene issues, including:
  Ground Floor

 A brief introduction of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

 Centre for Food Safety

 Food Additives

 Food Labelling

 Genetically Modified Food

 High Risk Food

 Food Safety Plan (HACCP based)

  First Floor

 Our Public Market

 Special Exhibitions

 Keep Hong Kong Clean

 Environmental Hygiene

 Pest Control

 Kitchen Hygiene

 Main Features of Public Toilet

 Cemeteries and Crematoria Services

 In the Resource Centre, you may obtain specialized information on health education, food and environmental hygiene topics. Apart from a rich collection of books and periodicals, there are also video-taped programmes, CD-ROMs and teaching packs. Full supportive facilities are provided for your comfortable viewing and studying.
 In the Lecture Room, you may attend regular seminars on interesting topics.
 In the outdoor Health Education Garden, you may enjoy a leisurely walk and our outdoor exhibits.


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