Appendix II
Open Auction of Vacant Market Stalls in
New Territories(except Islands District)
(Short Term Tenancy)
Name of Market Floor Stall No. Commodities Stall Area          (sq. metres) Area of Demarcated Display Area or Platform (sq. metres) Stall Height Limit (M) Upset Price (HK$) Monthly Electricity and Maintenance Charges for A/C (HK$) Remarks
No short-term tenancy stall for auction in September
Remarks :
(1)  The auction price will be the monthly market stall rental.
(2) # Concessionary upset price for the stalls concerned is 60% of original open market rent or latest open market rent, whichever is the lower.
(3) Stall let out during the first round will not put up for auction in the subsequent round for stalls let on short -term tenancy.