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Assistance Scheme for Hawkers in Fixed-pitch Hawker Areas


The Assistance Scheme aims to provide financial assistance to hawkers in the 43 fixed-pitch hawker areas for stall reconstruction and relocation in order to expedite the forward movement of the work in reducing fire risks. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (“FEHD”) implements a five-year “Assistance Scheme for Hawkers in Fixed-pitch Hawker Areas” (“the Assistance Scheme”) which is launched on 3 June 2013 until 2 June 2018.

The Assistance Scheme

The Assistance Scheme will be implemented with the following features -

  1. hawkers who are required by FEHD to move their stalls to new pitch spaces for fire safety reasons may apply for a one-off relocation cum reconstruction grant;
  2. hawkers who are not required to relocate their stalls under (a) may apply for a one-off in-situ reconstruction grant to carry out partial or full reconstruction of their stalls in-situ for reducing fire risks; and
  3. an Ex-gratia Payment (“EGP”) will be paid to hawkers (except those whose licences are newly issued pursuant to the hawker licensing policy review in 2008-09) who opt for voluntary surrender of their hawker licences to the Government.

Situation of hawker areas

In the hawker areas, there are around 4 300 fixed-pitch hawker stalls. Of these, around 2 600 are “cabinet-type” stalls, whilst the remaining 1 700 are “Hawker Permitted Place” (“HPP”) stalls. Some 500 stalls of the 4 300 stalls are located directly in front of staircase discharge points of buildings or obstructing emergency vehicular access and/or operation of aerial ladders, thus posing higher fire risks and are needed to be relocated.

By end of 2014, FEHD has obtained consensus with all concerned hawkers on feasible plans for relocating stalls. Up to the end of January 2017, including surrender of hawker licences for EGP, 100% of the hawker pitches have been vacated. Besides, FEHD has received 412 applications for relocation cum reconstruction grants and 2418 applications for in-situ reconstruction grants, amongst which 2469 stalls have been set up (Examples). Separately, 711 applications for EGP for surrender of hawker licences.

References: LegCo Papers (No.: CB(2)572/12-13(03) and FCR(2012-13)77)

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