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Second phase of new public niches allocation to start next week

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) will make available another batch of new niches located in Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium and Diamond Hill Columbarium for allocation. Applicants can submit their applications, including online ones, starting from next Tuesday (June 18).

"A total of 15 562 new niches will be made available for allocation in the second phase. Among them, 15 118 are in Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium Phase V while the remaining 444 are in Diamond Hill Columbarium. Applications will be accepted between 9am next Tuesday and 5pm on July 18," an FEHD spokesman said today (June 13).

The two types of niches for allocation are standard niches, which can hold a maximum of two urns, and large niches, which can hold a maximum of four urns. They are situated in different sections of the two columbaria, including indoor, outdoor, smoke-free and non-smoke-free areas, and on different floors.

To encourage people to adopt environmentally friendly ways, like offering flowers, to pay tribute to the deceased, every new niche is furnished with a flower receptacle. In addition, furnaces for burning joss paper are installed only on the ground floor of Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium to maintain good air quality at each floor.

The spokesman said that an open computer ballot will be held on September 3 (Tuesday) to determine the selection priority of eligible applicants. A letter will be sent to the successful applicants according to their priority numbers to invite them to go to the FEHD's Kowloon Cemeteries and Crematoria (C&C) Office at designated dates and times for selecting niches.

The ballot results will be posted at the FEHD's Hong Kong C&C Office and Kowloon C&C Office and uploaded to the department's website. In addition, successful applicants will be notified of the results by SMS or email. Applicants may call 2304 8906 to enquire about the ballot results.

"Unsuccessful applications in Phase One will automatically enter Phase Two for computer balloting if the applicants have indicated their agreement on the application and no fresh applications will be required. Applicants submitting applications for the first time in this phase can also choose to participate in the last round of allocation, i.e. Phase Three, for computer balloting in case their applications are unsuccessful. Niches left unallocated in the Phases One and Two will be included in the last phase for allocation.

Application forms can be obtained in person from the FEHD's Hong Kong C&C Office or Kowloon C&C Office, by fax or by download from its website ( Applications for large niches and standard niches will be handled separately. Form A should be used for applying for large niches while Form B is for standard niches.

To take forward the initiative stated in the 2013 Policy Address, the FEHD published in the Gazette on May 24, 2013, amendment regulations to align its fees and charges in the urban areas and the New Territories. Where the fee for a service differs between the urban areas and the New Territories, the lower rate will prevail. The aligned fees will take effect on July 19, 2013. The fees for a standard niche, a large niche and placing a memorial plaque at Diamond Hill Columbarium and Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium will be aligned to $2,800, $3,600 and $90 respectively. The fee for placing each additional urn in an allocated niche will be $140.

An applicant must submit a duly completed application form together with the originals or copies of the necessary documents (depending on the circumstances) within the application period.

The spokesman said that applications can be submitted by putting them into the drop-in box in the FEHD's Hong Kong C&C Office or Kowloon C&C Office during office hours, by fax, by email or by post. In addition, those who are holding a "Permit to Take Away Cremated Ashes" or "Certificate of Cremation" of the deceased can also fill in the e-form for online submission (website: Late applications will not be accepted.

About 45 200 new niches at Wo Hop Shek Kiu Tau Road Columbarium and Diamond Hill Columbarium have been ready for allocation in three phases from September last year. The first phase of allocation was completed last month, with 10 742 niches for allocation, some 24 000 eligible applications received and 8 977 niches successfully allocated.

Information of the FEHD's C&C Offices is as follows:

Hong Kong C&C Office
Address: 1J, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Tel: 2570 4318
Fax: 2591 1879

Kowloon C&C Office
Address: Upper Ground Floor, 6 Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Tel: 2365 5321
Fax: 2176 4963

Enquiry hotline: 2304 8906
Enquiry email:

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