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Public Toilets in Kwai Tsing

Apart from public toilets, there are also other toilet facilities provided for public use in public venues (e.g. public parks, cultural and sports centres) and commercial buildings (e.g. shopping arcades).

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  Public Toilets Address
Cheung Ching Bus Terminus Public Toilet Cheung Ching Bus Terminus
Cheung Fai Road Public Toilet Near Cheung Fai Road Promenade
Cheung Tat Road Public Toilet Near no.28 Cheung Tat Road
Cheung Yuen Road Public Toilet Cheung Yuen Road, Kwai Chung
Kwai Fong Station Bus Terminus Public Toilet New Kwai Fong Garden
Kwai Hing Station Bus Terminus Public Toilet Near Kwai Hing Government Building
Kwai Shun Street Public Toilet Kwai Shun Street near Kwai Shun Cooked food Market
Lantau Link Viewing Platform Public Toilet Lantau Link View Point carpark, North West Tsing Yi Interchange, Tsing Yi
Liu To Village Public Toilet Liu To Village, Tsing Yi
Luthern Village Public Toilet Lutheran Village, Tsing Yi
San Kwai Street Public Toilet San Kwai Street near Training Centre Complex
Sheung Yat Tsuen Public Toilet Sheung Yat Tsuen, Kwai Chung
Shing Mun Road Public Toilet Shing Mun Road, Kwai Chung
Ta Chuen Ping Street Public Toilet Ta Chuen Ping Street near Carpark
Tai Lin Pai Road Public Toilet Tai Lin Pai Road near Kung Yip Street
Tai Yuen Street Public Toilet Tai Yuen Street near Kwok Shui Road
Tam Kon Shan Road (I) Public Toilet Tam Kon Shan Road near lamp post no. FB0659
Tam Kon Shan Road (II) Public Toilet Next to No. 89 Tam Kon Shan Road
Tsing Yi New Ferry Terminus Public Toilet Tsing Yi New Ferry Terminus
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