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Public Toilets in Kowloon City

Apart from public toilets, there are also other toilet facilities provided for public use in public venues (e.g. public parks, cultural and sports centres) and commercial buildings (e.g. shopping arcades).

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  Public Toilets Address
Baker Street Public Toilet No.65, Baker Street
Dyer Avenue Public Toilet No. 1, Dyer Avenue
Gillies Avenue South Public Toilet Junction of Gillies Avenue South and Station Lane
Hok Yuen Street Public Toilet No.12A, Hok Yuen Street
Hung Hom Complex Public Toilet 1/F, Hung Hom Complex, 11 Ma Tai Wai Road
Kowloon City Complex Public Toilet 1/F, Kowloon City Complex, Hau Wong Road
Kowloon City Road Public Toilet No. 3, Kowloon City Road
Kowloon Tong Public Transport Interchange Public Toilet Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong
Lung Kong Road Public Toilet No. 30-32, Lung Kong Road
Ma Tau Kok Road Public Toilet-cum-bathhouse No. 180, Kowloon City Road
New Hung Hom Ferry Pier Public Toilet New Hung Hom Ferry Pier
Pui Ching Road Public Toilet No. 5, Pui Ching Road
San Ma Tau Street Public Toilet No. 30, San Ma Tau Street
Shek Ku Lung Road Public Toilet Junction of Shek Ku Lung Road and Carpenter Road
Shing Fung Road Temporary Public Toilet Shing Fung Road, Kai Tak Development Area, Kowloon City
Tung Tsing Road Public Toilet Tung Tsing Road at side of Carpenter Road Park
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